March 18th, 2017 Last Update


It’s been some time…

And this website didn’t really come along as I hoped it would.


But.. In the mean time I’ve been picking up some 3D skills, and there is actually some nice stuff being made. I just didn’t feel like posting any of it here because it is still pretty much a work in progress.


I’m not entirely sure about the future of this website though. I guess there simply won’t be any updates until I feel I’ve got a decent amount of stuff ready to really revive the site.



May 17th, 2014 Last Update


Virtual Boy

-This website is still under construction-


I have always been interested in drawing a comic book. So one day I found a post from a guy on the internet, he wanted to write a comic book and was looking for someone to do the artwork. This illustration was inspired on the given theme and was part of my application.




Click to see the full image.



April 7th, 2014 Last Update


Welcome: Playing with Unity

-This website is still under construction-



Click to Walk & Scroll to Zoom

(for some reason zooming does’t work in Safari)


The art in this scene as well as the game-mechanics are all work in progress. So it’s still glitchy, but a good environment to do some prototyping. Play at your own risk ^^


Updated experiments:

-Day and Night cycle added, sort of..

-Apples, they can be picked up and will be counted, added a sound effect.

-Recorded a tiny piece of music to set a mood for the game.



March 17th, 2014 Last Update


Being painting

-This website is still under construction-


This is maybe my first real painting on canvas. It was painted at a course under guidance of an experienced artist. Along with some useful tips and tricks I got to know the steps to make an acrylic like this from start to finish.


Being painting


My dad took the picture. It’s very nice ^_^




March 15th, 2014 Last Update


It’s online!

Hello World ^_^